Funny soccer team Names

The World's Most Ridiculous Sports Team Names

It used to be very easy to identify your recreations staff; only pick a dangerous pet and go. Unfortunately, you will find far more activities groups in the world than you will find cool creatures, and the result is countless names that are normally taken for lame to laugh-out-loud retarded.

Made-Up Words


Webster University Gorloks

Runners Up:
Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL)
Crucial School Obezags (Twelfth Grade)
Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)

Through the Webster University internet site: "The Gorlok is Webster University's college mascot. Its a mythical creature that was created by Webster staff and pupils through a school competition. It really is reported to truly have the paws of a speeding cheetah, horns of a fierce buffalo, in addition to face of a dependable Saint Bernard."

The style staff lovingly adopted the guidelines into letter and came up with a lion:

The important thing class Obezags at the same time, have cleverly made an anagram regarding the term "gazebo, " which will make no good sense unless you understood the school features sort of obsession with gazebos, which it will. They don't really seem to have a mascot, however with a name like "Obezags" they could have let their particular imaginations run wild making it a ferocious clown with a barracuda for a penis. The merchandising would deliver the college millions.

Meanwhile, Canada continues to suffer from terms, inventing the puzzling "Tiger-Cats, " and willfully pluralizing "leaves" incorrect. It is a point of "dishonour" to their school system.

Trying Too Hard To-be Hip

Philadelphia Soul
(Arena Football League)

Runners Up:
South Dakota School of Mines HardRockers (College)
Indianapolis NW Space Pioneers (Twelfth Grade)
Cleveland Rockers (WNBA, defuncT)
Swing associated with the Quad Cities (Minor League Baseball)

"Soul" in cases like this does not make reference to the eternal essence of self many think people possess. Rather, it is a style of well-known music into the 1970s generally Philadelphia Soul, which makes it highly appropriate if this growth group launched in 2004. This team ended up being really co-founded by Jon Bon Jovi, who's to soul just what Arena soccer should football.

Jon Bon Jovi, as appropriate and hip since the team he co-owns.

The South Dakota School of Mines HardRockers and defunct Cleveland Rockers of this WNBA do have genuine contacts because of their wannabe-hip-sounding brands. A person is a pun from the school's mining focus; another is located close to the rock 'n roll Hall of Fame. But they both become reminding you of whenever a company attempts to submit a mascot with a backwards baseball limit, a skateboard and some variety of crazy-shaped guitar to attract "kids today."

The Indianapolis NW area Pioneers, meanwhile, had the bad fortune to connect its title to your hot current event within the '60s, the space battle, while having maybe not mustered the vitality to alter it since.

Anyone who renamed their particular group the "Swing of the Quad Cities" was obviously trying to go after some thing hip and fresh, regrettably swing is just hip and fresh to a demographic that is, generally, now dead.

Abstract Principles

Thailand Tobacco Monopoly
(Thai team)

Minnesota Crazy (NHL)
Stanford Cardinal (University)
St. Louis University of Pharmacy Eutectic (University)

While the American groups put up one hell of a fight, these people were no match once and for all old Asian wackiness, because the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly soccer team makes us puzzled and nearly speechless. Being named after a tobacco business would be quite hilarious itself. But being named after the idea of the tobacco business becoming dominated by one business entity without any competition, this really is really a masterstroke.

The NHL's Minnesota crazy holds a unique, but becoming named after a concept whose definition could consist of typically uncontrollable to areas untamed by guy. Adjective? Noun defining a thought? Who knows. There's a team whoever dedication to keeping its opponents guessing operates so deep regarding increase to its name.

At the same time, the Stanford Cardinal is named after a color of red, a notion so difficult to personify that group boosters have just torn out their particular tresses making their particular mascot outfit a shoddy-assembled tree.

And lastly, the St. Louis College of Pharmacy features dug deep into its obscure word bank and produce the "Eutectic, " which works out is both an adjective referring to an alloy combo because of the least expensive feasible melting point, or occasionally a noun referring to the substance itself. What it really claims, obviously, is "We don't need to be proficient at sports because we are going to have good pharmacist paychecks soon, therefore enjoy your meaningless triumph."

Non-Threatening Creatures

Hiroshima Toyo Carp
(Japanese Pro Baseball-NPB)

Runners Up:
Brevard County Manatees (Minor-league Baseball)
UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs (College)
Columbia University Fighting Koalas (University)
Atlanta Thrashers (NHL)
Montreal Alouettes (CFL)

Pay attention, Hiroshima Toyo ... no body is frightened of carp. No-one is frightened of manatees either, Brevard County, however they're bigger, which means you slide from the top area. Someone may have hopes for an additional that a Toyo Carp is some type of carnivorous carp, but unfortunately Toyo is simply a reference into the sponsoring business. Therefore, they're certainly only carp.

At the same time, UC Santa Cruz features plumped for the banana slug, mainly as a tale, which at the very least inspires revulsion if you don't respect.

Columbia College has made some kind of half-assed make an effort to inject some risk by adding the "fighting" prefix for their koala name, but features only been successful in producing an even more ridiculous emotional photo.

Two expert groups round from number by inexplicably selecting little, non-threatening birds to express themselves-thrashers ...

and skylarks (alouettes):

We could quickly visualize some staff manager reading "Thrashers" and, picturing tough teeth and razor-sharp claws that thrash things, saying, "Yes! Choose it!" That man was probably fired initially somebody bothered to split open an encyclopedia. There's absolutely no reason for "Alouette, " as it's most famous for having numerous body parts plucked off, verse-by-verse, in the well-known French track "Alouette."

Non-Threatening People

King Faisal Babies
(Ghana's Premier Football League)

Centralia Orphans (Senior School)
Cordozo Clerks (High school)
Cairo Syrupmakers (Senior School)
Wikki Travelers of Bauchi (Nigeria Premier League)

We could just speculate the reason why a professional team would identify it self the "infants, " but odds are they will have a strange sense of humor, want to lull their particular opponents into an untrue feeling of protection, and/or ownership ended up being therefore sick and tired of the players' whining which they changed the group title as a sort of discipline. Or, perhaps it's all three.

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