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Iranian Women's Soccer Captain Will Miss Asian Cup After Husband Takes Passport

Iranian ladies Soccer Captain will most likely skip Asian Cup After Husband Takes PassportIn late-breaking "abridgment of basic individual legal rights" development, Iranian ladies football captain Niloufar Ardalan won't be present on Asian Cup, as the woman spouse features made a decision to invoke their legal, husbandly right to withhold the woman passport.

Per the related Press' Jon Gambrell, Ardalan's husband, recreations journalist Mahdi Toutounchi, has brought the 30-year-old midfielder's passport to ensure she'll be residence for child's first-day of college, according to reports from Iranian news web site

Looks legit.

And great (read: awful) thing is the fact that there is no real legal recourse for Ardalan. Toutounchi did not just place the woman papers on a high shelf unrealistic. He's acting inside the offered legal parameters of Iranian legislation, which posits that a guy can deny their partner the capacity to travel beyond the country's boundaries if he decides.

As Gambrell reports, Iranians and followers on social networking have actually rallied around Ardalan, decrying the law and asking the federal government to intervene on the midfielder's behalf.

In terms of Ardalan, she is attempted to downplay the rift the incident is causing yourself between this lady and Toutounchi, but she states the Iranian federal government has to make modifications into the present guidelines. In the end, she just wishes the chance to portray the woman nation.

"i'm only a national soldier who fights to increase flag of our country, " she typed in an Instagram post. "If only a law is approved that allows feminine soldiers to fight for raising the banner."

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