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You might be Wayne Rooney

You're Wayne Rooney! Just like this English soccer star, you may be known for your strong work ethic and passion for your life and work. You may be incredibly concentrated, unselfish, and constantly a team player. But you need to be cautious never to allow your passion change into hostility and frustration. Losing your temperament will cause that drop focus and perhaps a match.

You might be Kaka

You will be Kaka! Like this Brazilian bombshell, you're recognized for becoming a thinker. You count on your imagination and abilities to give you off difficult places, and you are clearly the definition of group player. In terms of the overall game, you develop plays that'll benefit your team as a whole, without people that produce the focus. Remember that it is possible to often be a little awkward and injury susceptible, therefore watch your step!

You're Xavi

You are Xavi! This Spanish midfielder is known for their impeccable design and strategy. Like Xavi, you work nicely under great pressure, have a very good well worth ethic and are unbeatable regarding producing game-winning strategy. You may be a leader that is cunning, creative and image of composure, in a pressure-packed circumstance. When it comes to you, searching for a weakness is similar to looking for a needle in a haystack. Go right ahead and pat yourself in the straight back!

You're Lionel Messi

You may be Lionel Messi! By many estimates, Messi may be the top-rated soccer player in the world. Like Messi, when you perform soccer you might be fast in your feet and certainly will handle the ball better than any person. You will be concentrated, driven and let absolutely nothing stand-in your path. However, your biggest weakness is the tunnel eyesight. Whether in football or in life, don't be afraid to seek support and the assistance of your teammates and friends. Being selfish will simply hurt you and your team ultimately.

You will be Cristiano Ronaldo

You will be Cristiano Ronaldo! This midfielder for Portugal is known just as much for his worldwide star standing as his brutal football skills. Like Ronaldo, you might be quickly on your feet and always understand how to outsmart your opponents. However, you mustn't let all interest and compliments you receive cloud your view and multiply your pride. Check your self before you wreck yourself!

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