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FootGolf is a mixture of the popular sport of soccer and golf. To try out FootGolf, athletes utilize football balls on a normal greens with 21-inch diameter glasses. The principles mainly correspond to the guidelines of tennis. This excellent online game is player, typically, without the supervision of a referee. The game will depend on the integrity of the player to show consideration for other players and to adhere to the rules. All players should carry out on their own in a disciplined fashion, demonstrating courtesy all the time and sportsmanship, regardless how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of this FootGolf game.

The sport is played inside standard structure all the way to four players per team with FootGolfers utilizing golf carts.

FootGolf uses tennis's standard model including tee boxes, greens, bunkers, hazards and 18 holes of play. Scorecards display par scores per hole such as regular golf. FootGolf as a-game is played around the world in a variety of forms, but as a hobby, it's regulated by the Federation for Global FootGolf (FIFG). The American FootGolf League (AFGL) could be the unique person in the FIFG and regulating human anatomy the sport of FootGolf in america.

2016 Rate Schedule $30
• Twilight (11:00am-Close) $15 $25

"Kick" times for FootGolf are restricted, based on availability and golf traffic. FootGolf "kick" times should always be booked over the phone by phoning (760) 346-7060 Ext. 1 or perhaps in the Golf Shop. FootGolf "kick" times are available to reserve 7-days beforehand.

As an associate regarding the Desert Willow Golf Resort "FootGolf League", you're going to be entitled to discounted FootGolf prices, league activities, and more.

Annual Membership Dues - $149.00

  • Official greeting Packet includes Size 5 Soccer Ball and a Desert Willow Golf Resort/AFGL Logo'd Travis Mathew Shirt ($90 Value)
  • Organized FootGolf Events
  • AFGL (American FootGolf League) Annual Handicap (Twelve Months Account)
  • (2) Guest Passes ($90 Price)
  • (1) 15 Minute Golf Lesson at Palm Desert Golf Academy
  • 20percent Off Apparel (Non-Sale Items)
  • 15% Off Golf Lessons
  • 10percent Off Restaurant Dining (Meals Just)

The Basic Rules of FootGolf

  • Use proper garments - golf cap, collared top, and argyle socks tend to be favored.
  • Your basketball should be very easy to recognize with.
  • Review the scorecard and watch for your change. Ensure that your kick cannot affect other players.
  • Start your baseball from a situation behind the tee markers.
  • The basketball must be played in one motion. You're not permitted to press the basketball using the top or base of one's base. Your foot must be set split through the ball, demonstrably behind, before every kick.
  • Wait to relax and play before ball has actually completely arrived at rest. (It is really not legal to get rid of the baseball from rolling because of the wind).
  • Play the baseball from where it lies: You are not allowed to move the ball or eliminate jammed objects. Exemption: You may mark the location and carry the baseball with regards to may impair others player's kick or ball by any means.
  • The player farthest from opening may be the very first to kick the baseball.
  • The order of play is established in line with the rating or even the earlier opening. The player utilizing the most useful rating will kick off initially from the next opening followed closely by the next, etc.
  • In the event that ball places in a water danger, retrieve or replace it within 2 steps from the nearest land point from where in actuality the ball joined the danger (annotated by purple range), obtaining a-one stroke punishment you can also position the ball at place of the earlier kick and receive a-one stroke punishment.
  • Rake the sand pitfall.

Desert Willow Golf Resort FootGolf Procedures

  • Indoor football footwear, grass soccer footwear, shoes, or golf shoes tend to be recommended (NO SOCCER CLEATS).
  • FootGolf players must use appropriate garments –collared top and short pants (No graphic printing tees or short pants or denim permitted)
  • Regulation size #5 football baseball for adults.
  • Kids age 12 and under must certanly be followed closely by an adult (at least 25 years).

Interested in mastering more about the rules of FootGolf?

FootGolf Dress Code

  • Indoor soccer shoes, grass football footwear, sneakers, or tennis footwear are advised (NO SOCCER CLEATS)
  • Players must wear appropriate garments –collared shirt and shorts (No graphic printing shirts or jerseys or shorts or denim permitted)
  • Argyle socks tend to be chosen yet not required
  1. What exactly is FootGolf?
    FootGolf is a casino game that combines the overall game of football in addition to online game of tennis.
  2. Exactly why is Desert Willow Golf Resort offering FootGolf and partnering using the United states FootGolf League (AFGL)?
    Desert Willow Golf Resort is offering the FootGolf knowledge in an effort to introduce new clients to Desert Willow Golf Resort in addition to neighborhood. By partnering with the AFGL we could reach more folks which can be already FootGolf enthusiats, we are able to entice neighborhood, regional, and nationwide sanctioned events. Additionally since the game keeps growing the AFGL will garner much more nationwide interest through media coverage, press, and special events hosted on site. The FootGolf knowledge at Desert Willow Golf Resort will offer you another healthier outside activity to regional and visitors of the Coachella Valley.
  3. Is FootGolf a craze or a task that'll be available for good?
    With nearly 500 courses in the United States already, several anticipated to double throughout the next eighteen months, the future appears really brilliant for FootGolf. Data show you can find over 265 million soccer people globally. FootGolf can also be attracting somebody that has never ever played tennis, clients that usually may never ever visit the local greens.
  4. That is the AFGL?
    The American FootGolf League is the united states of america regulating human anatomy of FootGolf like the USGA or Royal and Ancient with golf.
  5. Just what equipment is needed to play?
    FootGolf is played at a course with a dimensions 5 football basketball and a spike-less turf footwear or playing tennis shoe.
  6. Can any person play FootGolf?
    Yes. FootGolf provides many different teeing options predicated on ability, age, and handicap making sure that anyone can play the game of FootGolf.
  7. Just how long does it try play a round of FootGolf "Foursome"?
    With a tennis cart it will take about 1.5 - 2 hours, on foot 1.5 - 3 hours.
  8. Can FootGolf and Golf be played along side golfers playing FootGolf?
    Even though some facilities do offer similar development, Desert Willow Golf Resort will try to hold both tasks split rather than comingle both.
  9. Are golf carts necessary to play FootGolf?
    Desert Willow Golf Resort offer the choice on specific FootGolf programs to go or ride.
  10. Maybe there is FootGolf programing readily available all year round?
    Desert Willow Golf Resort will be offering FootGolf playing opportunities all year with the exception of over-seeding, and aerification.
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