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A: Westside was launched with three terms as the motto: Teamwork, Sportsmanship and FUN. The state mission declaration is “To develop and implement a neighbor hood childhood soccer system, supplying continuing development through training and training for the kids, coaches and referees, and also to supply an enjoyable atmosphere for all linked to the Club.”

Q: That North Florida Youth Soccer League and Florida Youth Soccer Association?

A: NFYSL may be the local league that schedules travel games and manages discipline for North Florida. FYSA is the State company that establishes the rules and regulations and manages the insurance.

Q: How can I find out about special clinics and camps sponsored by Westside Soccer?

A: We you will need to publicize all upcoming occasions on the website plus updates and email messages. You can even look at the bulletin boards on area.

Q: How do I buy my Child’s football registrations?

A: Two Tactics:

  • Mail a check or money order towards WSC workplace:
    5345 Ortega Blvd Suite 4
  • Jacksonville, FL 32210
  • Pay online making use of your charge card. Follow on in the payments key.
Q: My 3 year-old is full of energy. Can I register him/her for soccer?

A: Yes, we're today providing an “Eaglet” Program for 3 year olds.

Q: What is Academy?

A: The Academy system viewpoint is emphasize player development over team development, with the primary concentrate on the technical football acumen and social integration of each and every player. Its currently ready to accept U7 & U12 people.

Q: how come I have to register my kid for football therefore early?

A: consistent requests simply take six to eight weeks. Teams must be created prior to the order can be placed. Also, the documents to deal with insurance coverage, group roster and scheduling is monumental and needs time to work.

Q: What if we don’t have a computer and/or internet access?

A: people Libraries have free access or you can e-mail any office to help make arrangements.

Q: So what does my enrollment purchase?

A: charges pay for uniforms, trophies, insurance, field equipment, referees, training expenses and all sorts of another things necessary to run this kind of program.

Q: The team Needs my son or daughter on is complete, although coach is prepared to include my youngster. Why can’t we only do this?

A: There are 2 explanations. Initially, on a leisure staff, mentors tend to be forbidden to choose their people to prevent team stacking. Second, the mentor might not have the general unit picture when you ask him. There may teams needing players. In addition, in leisure football, players are fully guaranteed 50per cent play time during each match (assuming training attendance, a healthy body and good behavior), therefore a team playing 4v4 cannot have 9 people to their roster.

Q: Can my girl use an all girls team?

A: Westside Soccer provides and encourages all-girl teams starting at U-9 and above.

Q: Understanding a taking a trip leisure staff?

A: a taking a trip leisure team performs along with other teams in North Florida Youth Soccer League, rather than Westside Soccer Club. Some vacation is included however it is all within an hour or so and half home. Groups start taking a trip within U12 age amount for both boys and girls.

Q: What is the distinction between recreational and advanced (choose) football?

A: Willpower! Advanced people tend to be selected at a tryout and are dedicated for your year. They often times employ trainers and head to tournaments. Of these people, football is concern one. The main focus of Recreational soccer is enjoyable. The skill and dedication demands are far more relaxed.

Q: who are able to check out for higher level teams?

A: Anybody U-11 or overhead.

Q: Why are some teams exercising and my child featuresn’t heard from a mentor?

A: old and advanced level (or pick) groups usually begin early. Many of the mentors for younger kids wont begin until 2 weeks before starting day.

Q: what's going to my son or daughter significance of practice?

A: Shinguards tend to be a must. Furthermore, Comfortable garments for exercise, sneakers or soccer cleats, and a drink (Gatorade or water) are essential. Your advisor might ask you to deliver a ball. U-5 through U-8 use size 3 balls, U-10 through U-12 use Size 4 and older players use dimensions 5.

Q: Does my youngster need cleats to play?

A: Although shinguards are expected, cleats are not. Numerous youngsters are far more comfortable within their sneakers. Older children will need the traction that their cleats offer.

Q: Can my child have fun with jewellery or beads inside their hair?

A: No jewellery or something that could cause harm to various other players or by themselves can be used. This guideline includes tresses beads and barrettes plus casts. We recommend that ears be pierced between months, because earrings must be removed to try out. That is a Florida Youth Soccer guideline and not discretionary for the referees or club officials.

Q: Can my youngster bring a buddy to apply?

A: Only people and coaches signed up to can take part in our practices and games. Various other are not included in our insurance coverage.

Q: just what color jersey is my kid suppose to wear?

A: people from the residence staff tend to be suppose to put on their blue jersey and players from away team tend to be suppose to put on their white jersey..

Q: how come some matches have 3 referees as well as others have only one?

A: Only suits in which down sides are known as require Assistant Referees.

Q: what you can do if a referee makes a bad call?

A: All referees tend to be trained and certified, unfortunately they are also humans. Bad calls will happen. They usually do not impact the results of the overall game. In addition telephone calls are made and never made you will disagree with. Often, it is just a matter of just what the referee sees. Often, it is only a matter of benefit to the group that's fouled. If there is a bad situation, get the referee assignor or deliver an email to your club plus the situation is going to be dealt with. Keep in mind that you're a role model for our players and arguing with a referee doesn't set an example or get telephone calls on your side. For all concerns regarding referees kindly e-mail Bill Hubbs at

Q: exactly why are the groups and spectators on contrary sides associated with field?

A: Players and Spectators tend to be held individual to aid the advisor and referees in staff administration. It helps the mentor to possess all the people in a single location. It helps the gamer to understand that their guidelines come the mentor during the online game if he does not have the distractions of household around.

Q: the reason why can’t we remain close to the web or behind the target line during suits?

A: this really is first of all a security issue. People were injured, not to mention objectives scored or otherwise not scored, due to the distraction of individuals behind the targets.

Q: Why are there no rubbish cans during the fields?

A: you will find rubbish cans by the exits. Garbage cans near the fields causes litter and safety problems.

Q: What does a team moms and dad do?

A: Team moms and dads will be the company folks. They also are the interaction website link between your club and their group. They give away the newsletters and picture packets and organize the treat routine, end of period party and mentors’ gift.

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