Oakville Soccer Club

Adult Winter Indoor

The Oakville Soccer Club Adult Winter Indoor League is a recreational football league for grownups of all ages and skill levels. The Oakville Soccer Club has actually a large selection of leagues and divisions which will accommodate any level of fitness and skill. All games are played within our state-of-the-art interior soccer center which sports a complete dimensions FIFA regulation synthetic football pitch with recycled plastic infill. Games are 6v6 on a ¼ dimensions industry, with two 25 min halves. The 2016 Winter Indoor period will contain 13 games beginning at the end of January. The Pine Glen Soccer Centre is located at 1520 Pine Glen Rd, L6M 4P4, Oakville.

League Information:

League Type Co-ed Guys's Open Age Females Open Age Guys's 35+ Thursday Men's 35+ Ladies 35+ Guys's Open Age Sunday
Times of Play Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday
Game Begin Times 9PM-11PM 8PM-11PM 6:30PM-11:00PM 8:00PM-11:00PM
Team Price Shut
Individual Cost
Start Dates Jan 25th Jan 27th Jan 28th Jan 29th Jan 31st
Playoff Format Top 4 groups contend for tournament even though the staying groups play for placement.

Out-of-Town-Residency Fee: take note that most players that reside outside Oakville are going to be needed to spend a $10.00 Out-of-Town Residency Fee.

Information: All groups must have a completed roster and all sorts of people must fill out Registration Waivers. All teams must have a kit of numbered jerseys. There is no limitation on wide range of players per team (people' groups exempted). Groups may have through to the 6th few days of play to join up new people. As soon as subscribed, all people are insured because of the Oakville Soccer Club therefore the Ontario Soccer Association. All specific registrations tend to be processed upon access. Period schedules will likely be published one week before the start of period. Teams may request a division; though the league has last proclaim on division positioning. All people should familiarize by themselves aided by the league guidelines that you can get at www.oakvillesoccer.ca.

Reimbursement Policy: Kindly click here to review OSC's Refund plan.

For several concerns or concerns please contact David Zanic, mature League Manager at This email has been safeguarded from spambots. You need JavaScript allowed to view it. or by phone at 905-849-443ext. 4454.

People on groups that couldn't participate in the 2015 mature Fall Indoor season must complete a person Registration Form.

People that participated in the 2015 Adult Fall Indoor season need not finish an Individual Registartion Form.

Individual Athlete Registrations

Please note: someone player means someone who is not affiliated with a team.

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