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adidas Brazuca 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Match Ball Collection

The Official complement Ball for the 2014 FIFA World Cup from adidas is present now! World Soccer store holds the complete 2014 FIFA World Cup Ball range including Winter Ball, Replique version, sala & mini balls, as well as the Jumbo baseball.

Matthias Mecking, Company Unit Director, adidas Football Equipment

What was the determination behind the look of brazuca?
We wanted to encapsulate every little thing about Brazil and their particular enthusiasm when it comes to game within the design therefore we performed this through three main aspects. Firstly, the vibrant colours on your golf ball mirror those for the Brazilian banner plus the formal logo design of FIFA World Cup. Next we look at the colourful wish rings that residents put on and this is brought across because of the rhythmic and fluid use of the colours on your ball. Eventually, we also incorporated stars in to the design and again this harks back to the nationwide banner but additionally reflects their particular status as World Cup champions.

just how long are you taking care of brazuca?
The examination process is critical therefore we actually spent two-and-a-half years developing and refining the ball rendering it many tested basketball we have ever created. We utilized 600 people overall across 30 expert and nationwide groups in 10 nations which gives an illustration of just how comprehensive we were in testing the ball. We also used a version associated with the baseball in real-match circumstances previously in 2010 during the U20 World Cup together with friendlies between Argentina vs Sweden and Israel vs Finland which means that the building has been utilized in competitive games currently therefore we are certain that we've a ball that will be suitable the World Cup.

What is new about brazuca?
Besides it becoming our most tested baseball ever, brazuca blends top technology from the preferred Tango 12 and UEFA Champions League balls along with a groundbreaking six-panel design, which gets better symmetry, uniformity and efficiency. The newest design elements boost activities regarding the pitch but also simplifies production and gets better high quality.

So what performs this all indicate when it comes to players?
It'll feel similar to balls they have been familiar with playing with nevertheless technical changes we made will give you enhanced grip, touch, security and aerodynamics in the pitch.

Perhaps you have had any feedback through the players?
We tested the baseball with over 600 people including non-adidas sponsored people while the comments from most of the players involved has-been really positive. Overall, the majority of players consented so it permitted permanently close control and had been consistently attentive to their particular variations while also offering an excellent transition of power and steady flight when striking it.

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  • Machined-stitched construction ensures soft touch and high durability
  • Butyl bladder for best air retention to stay inflated longer
  • Size 3 ball suggested for ages 8 and under, Size 4 ball suggested for ages 8-12
  • Size 5 ball (official size) suggested for ages 12+. Check with your local league for size requirements
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