How to make a Soccer ball?

Soccer Ball Construction and Design 

Roteiro Construction

Panels are either stitched, glued or thermally molded together:

Stitched The best high quality balls tend to be stitched with a polyester or comparable bond. 5-ply twisted polyester cord is the material of preference in sewing together a soccer basketball. Hand sewn balls have actually tighter and more powerful seams. Kevlar® strengthened polyester stitching is also applied to some balls. High-end balls tend to be hand-stitched, many mid-priced balls tend to be machine-stitched. Glued Lower-end, training balls typically have the panels glued together onto the lining. These provide a harder feel and tend to be inexpensive than stitched balls. Thermally shaped - the latest World Cup 2010 Jabulani Ball while the Roteiro baseball have panels which can be thermally molded collectively.

truncated isosahedronThe final stitch

Many enquiries were made about how exactly the very last stitch is created. Read the after video clip:

Content thickness plays a vital part in the quality of hand-sewn football balls. Multiple levels of liner are positioned involving the cover additionally the bladder. These levels are comprised of polyester and/or cotton bonded (laminated) collectively to offer the ball strength, construction and bounce. Professional football balls will often have four or more levels of liner. Advertising or rehearse balls tend to be constructed with less levels of liner. The liner helps the ball retain it is shape and bounce throughout the life of the basketball.

inside of a soccer baseballMany football balls include a foam level for additional padding and ball control.


The bladder in a soccer basketball keeps the air. Bladders usually are made from latex or butyl. Compared to latex bladders, butyl bladders retain atmosphere for extended amounts of time. Exudate bladders will offer better surface tension. However; butyl bladders provide the exceptional mixture of contact high quality and air retention. Futsal ball bladders tend to be filled with foam to reduce jumping convenience of the basketball because they are utilized on a tough floors.

Many balls use butyl valves for atmosphere retention, with high end balls making use of a silicone-treated valve for superior overall performance. Silicone treated valves are utilized on some balls for smooth insertion regarding the inflating needle and included defense against environment reduction. When you initially get a ball, advisable is put some drops of silicon oil in device. This may provide simpler needle insertion and much better atmosphere retention.

Normal Latex Rubber bladders provide the softest feel and reaction, but don't supply the most useful air retention. Micro pores gradually allow...

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  • The possible ball colors a consumer could receive are as follows: Red, White, Yellow, Pink, and Orange
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