Foam Soccer Balls

For Developing Nations, a New Kind

Tim Jahnigen is a multicreative, Dean-Kamen-like creator having created "systems and technologies with patents pending in a varied range of sectors, from building and financial to research and medication." Recently he switched his interest towards what in the beginning appeared as if a smaller problem: Redesigning the football baseball.

Over the past World Cup we viewed the soccer basketball's design record, and reported concerning the pure evil that is the Jabulani. But Jahnigen ended up being interested especially in football balls while they're found in establishing countries. Your average Adidas can last fine at the back of a minivan or on well-manicured pitch at Springfield center School, but soil tracks in Darfur and rocky fields in Afghanistan chew the balls up right away.

Therefore it ended up being that Jahnigen observed a documentary about young ones in Darfur kicking around, versus a ball, a rough world of trash tied up with twine. It had been their particular only choice, as balls donated to kiddies in situations such as these just cannot endure the harsh landscapes. "The millions of balls that are contributed go flat within 24 hours, " Jahnigen informed the newest York Times.

After performing analysis he found a products organization labeled as PopFoam, whoever tagline is "Soft Toughness" and whoever titular item is made from EVA (ethyl plastic acetate). While the business defines it, "PopFoam will improve durability, tear energy, tensile strength, freedom, color access, chemical opposition, cold weather opposition, sound protection and scratching opposition and will be offering the padding conveniences plus the complement of design ascetics [sic] towards products."

However, Jahnigen calculated that tooling expenses to produce PopFoam in a spherical, soccer-ball-sized form would price a little fortune-about 0, 000, cash that he didn't have. Discover in which it gets slightly crazy: The multi-talented Jahnigen can also be a music producer, and counts Sting among their set of friends. When Sting, no stranger to non-profit giving, heard of the task, he insisted on funding it.

The resultant One World Futbol has some impressive attributes:Virtually-Indestructible. Unlike any inflatable basketball available, the One World Futbol never ever requires a pump and not goes level, even if punctured. The baseball is manufactured using advanced technology that needs no sewing and it is designed to have the same rebound attributes as a conventional soccer ball. It is the same size and body weight as a typical football basketball, nonetheless it can also be used for netball, volleyball, and many various other games.

All-terrain. The One World Futbol is fantastic for any playing area, not only lawn or regulation soccer fields: inside, on concrete, on blacktop, on lawn, on a coastline, on dirt, and on occasion even on a rugged industry. The basketball can withstand the harshest problems without deflating.

Durability. The ultra-durability associated with One World Futbol additionally helps meet a significant environmental challenge through the elimination of the waste of discarded, punctured soccer balls. In Africa alone, 20 million deflated balls make their method into rubbish heaps yearly.

Buy One, Give One. For every single One World Futbol you buy through our "Buy One, Offer One" program, we give a moment basketball to kids and youth in need of assistance through organizations involved in disadvantaged communities eg refugee camps, war areas, tragedy location and internal urban centers.

No Son Or Daughter Labor. Numerous conventional soccer balls are nevertheless stitched together yourself by children and grownups working under deplorable circumstances in Pakistan, China, and Asia. The One World Futbol is manufactured making use of state-of-the-art technology that doesn't require stitching.

The tooling prices was less than believed, while the baseball is currently in manufacturing. But Jahnigen is still hoping to lower manufacturing costs additional: also within reduced charity price of $17 a pop, the ball is still pricey for altruistic companies to procure en masse.

Western customers should buy a basketball here for $39.50, which actually matters for two balls—one goes to you, anyone to a residential area in need. It is possible to forego the basketball for yourself and invest $25 to possess one contributed.

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Champion Sports Champion Sports Coated High Density Foam Soccerball
Sports (Champion Sports)
  • Coated foam soccer ball
  • High density
  • Size 4
  • Yellow/Black
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