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Rod Stewart Shrugs Off Concert Lawsuit From Fan Alleging Soccer Ball Pelting

He’s currently being sued by a fan whom states Stewart’s habit of kicking autographed soccer balls to the market left him with a broken nostrils after an October 2012 performance at Caesars Palace. The plaintiff, 53-year-old Ca resident Mostafa Kashe, is pursuing “unspecified damages with a minimum of $10, 000 plus lawyer costs”; according to the suit, he believes Stewart “either understood or must have known that their actions could cause injury to unsuspecting clients of their shows.”

If that appears exceptionally flippant, consider that isn’t initially Stewart’s football routine features gotten him sued. In 1997, a fan took him to judge for $75, 000, saying she ended up being pelted and accusing him of “negligence and electric battery” — along with her spouse joined in, seeking problems for “loss of company.”

In reality, it's a subject that’s come up continuously over time, into extent that some venues show warning signs before Stewart’s shows. He’s given no indication he ever before intends to stop, nevertheless; as he’s been quoted as saying, “The tv show wouldn’t become program easily stopped throwing on those footballs.”

UTA Classic Mini Soccer Ball Black / White
Sports (UTA)
  • Classic Mini Soccer Balls 4 colors to choose Bluel / Red / Black / Purple
  • Butyl Bladder For Best Air Retention
  • Mini Ball
  • Main material Thermoplastic polyurethane
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Champion Sports Champion Sports Classic Soccer Ball, Size 5
Sports (Champion Sports)
  • Indoor Official size & weight
  • Custom suede leather cover
  • 2-Ply butyl bladder
  • Hand sewn, 32 panel construction
  • Bright Yellow Color
  • Ball comes Deflated
Baden Baden Classic Size 5 Synthetic Leather Soccer Ball
Sports (Baden)
  • Machine stitched
  • 2-ply butyl bladder
  • Classic white hexagon/black pentagon pattern
  • Cushioned cover construction
  • Superior air retention
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