Minot Soccer Association

Miscellaneous Activities

Fitness Gym
This is a fun gymnastics-based system that's allows kids to exercise, move about, and just be active. This is certainly for youth who possess completed Kindergarten through 6th grade. Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to Noon. Each young one are planned ahead for just two 1-hour sessions per week. Courses are held when you look at the Armory on east side of the Auditorium. Those interested should register at Minot Auditorium on Monday, June 15th between 9 a.m. and Noon. There's absolutely no very early subscription. This program is Free.

Art courses for childhood in grades 1 through 12 will undoubtedly be readily available. Classes are taught weekday mornings. Registration is held during the Minot Auditorium on Monday, June 15h between 9 AM and 12 Noon. There's no very early registration. This program is Totally Free.

Super-duper Studying Fun Day
Parents and children of all centuries...Just come and possess a very good time with New Games, Old Games, Races and Contests. Most people are successful! You will see meals, jumping castles, a magician and a clown that will make enjoyable balloon shapes. This event needs location at Southern Hill Softball hard on Thursday, August 13 from 10 am to Noon.

Minot Soccer Association
The Minot Soccer Association has been around existence since 1980 and welcomes you to join their system. MSA provides both recreational soccer and competitive soccer. The recreational programs can be found cold weather, spring, and fall for many years 4 many years to 6th grade. The competitive programs are available summer time and winter season for a long time 10 to 18 years of age. To find out more, contact Brianna, Coordinator at 701-833-5878 or Michelle, President at 701-833-1753.

Maysa Arena
Everyday public skating and rollerblading The charges are:

  • $3 per person
  • $3 for skate rental
  • $4 skate sharpening
Birthday party bundle are available. Services designed for receptions and parties, skating or non-skating, up to 500 men and women. To learn more telephone call 701-857-1544

Minot Swim Club
The Minot Swim Club Summer system offers instructional swimming lessons for children many years 5 and up. To learn more telephone call 701-838-5904. Additionally try to find info in the Minot everyday News for registration times or changes in times or times. The Minot Swim Club offers an aggressive program for swimmers as young as 6 who want to boost their particular skills and stamina for American or twelfth grade competitive programs. For more info call 701-838-5904 or check out their website.

Magic City Figure Skating
The secret City Figure Club offers learn how to Skate courses for many many years from Preschool or more. We daily courses through the entire summertime at the MAYSA Arena. To learn more please phone secret City Figure Skating Club at 701-838-6720.

Dream Catchers Baseball
The fantasy Catcher Baseball League will offer night softball games come early july for children and childhood with developmental disabilities. Each childhood is paired with somebody or friend that doesn't have a disability.

The league is specifically designed for the kids who does maybe not decide to be involved in the conventional summer time activity system because of protection issues or a need for additional support in getting around the bases if utilizing a wheelchair, braces or walker.

The huge benefits consist of having a good time, staying fit, exceptional game including teamwork, assisting with mobility, and promoting personal discussion. The program is free. To find out more contact Michelle Bliven at 701-852-1983.

Central Minnesota Youth Soccer Association Player Development Curriculum: A comprehensive guide to Association philosophy, programming and approach to youth soccer player development
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