Little lucky ones

What children go and stand with footballers before match? In most cases, these children are pupils of the football Academy (school). Mostly they are local kids who are trained there in order to be chosen in the club's team (higher or lower League). Parents can't help taking a photo or a video of such a moment. They stick photos in the family album, make dvd duplication Knoxville, and show them to all guests. Sure thing, it's such an honor to stand near professionals on the football field, where there will be a real sports battle soon!

As a rule, such an event is held before every official football match, the meaning of which is that these children can feel reality and the atmosphere of the match, see their idols, fans, photographers. So the students of football schools can better motivate themselves to training and possibly to the future career of a professional football player.

Photo by | Dec 31, 2019

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